New: High Energy Laser Sources available


It's been some time now since our last bulletin but the waiting was worth it. We have following exciting topics for you:

. New High Energy (HE) lasers are available
. Bone surgery: Cutting depth > 6 mm

. Pantec GmbH in Germany opened

High-Energy (HE) lasers are available

The new high energy (HE) versions of our laser modules DPM-2, DPM-15 and DPM-30 are now available. For example the DPM-30 module can achieve up to 0.3 J with peak power of 750 W!

The datasheets can be found here.

Bone Surgery: Cutting depth > 6 mm

Preliminary experiments revealed that the diode pumped 30 W Er:YAG laser system is an efficient tool for bone surgery.

The results of the study are as followed:

. Good ablation quality (smooth groove walls, sharp edges, no carbonization)
. High cutting depth: > 6 mm
. High ablation / drilling speed: e.g. 34.4 mm/s
. High ablation efficiency: e.g. 0.141 mm³/J

For more information have a look at the full article on efficient bone cutting.