Key paper presented at the SPIE Biomedical Optics Conference 2013


The independent research institute ILM Ulm (Institut für Lasertechnologien in der Medizin und Meßtechnik) has conducted several experiments based on the 3mikron laser technology. The research results will be presented at the enclosed conference Biomedical Optics of Photonics West 2013.



Conference: Optics in Bone Surgery and Diagnostics
Session 2: Bone Surgery and Ablation
Saturday 2 February 2013, 10:30 - 12:30

Primary investigations on the potential of a novel diode pumped Er:YAG laser system for bone surgery

To investigate the ability of a novel diode pumped Er:YAG laser system for use in bone surgery an experimental set-up was realized, which allows the defined movement of bone samples while irradiation with various laser parameters. Also water cooling of the samples was provided. The cuts were analyzed by light microscopy and laser scanning microscopy to determine the ablation quality, cut geometry, ablation efficacy, and thermal side effects. The results show slightly cone shaped cuts wiht sharp edges on the surface and remarkable ablation efficiency as well as precision. In conclusion, these first experiments with the diode pumped Er:YAG laser system on bone tissue demonstrate its ability for use in bone surgery.

Paper 8565-225
Author(s): Karl Stock, Florian Hausladen, Holger Wurm, Raimund Hibst, Univ. Ulm (Germany)