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High Energy - Short Pulse Mid-IR


Product Specifications 
 Optical Parameters (free beam / fiber) 
  Wavelength2810 nm
  Average Output Power (max)5 W
  Pulse Energy (max)

25 mJ (@100 Hz)

  Pulse Repetition rate500 Hz
  Pulse Duration< 100 ns
  Beam Shape (focus)Linear
  Average Current (max)10 A
  Mode of OperationPulsed
  Free Beam Quality

M2 < 10

  Beam Shape (focus)top hat like
  Free Beam Diameter

2.5 mm

 Mechanical Dimensions 
  Emission Height47.5 mm

5.0 kg

  W x D x H300 x 120 x 75 mm
 Electrical Parameters 
  max Ripple / Overshoot< 5%
  Average Power Consumption (max)< 650 W
  Diode Forward Currentmax 200 A Pulsed
  Diode Forward Voltage~ 25 V
 Cooling Requirements 
  Required Cooling Power≥ 780 W @ 25 °C Environment Temperature
  Coolant Pressure2 to 5 bar
  Coolant Flow Rate≥ 4 lpm
  Coolant Temperature20 to 25 °C
  CoolantDistilled Water with Algaecide and Corrosion Inhibitor

All technical specifications are preliminary and may be changed without notice.

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