Pantec Medical Laser presents the 3mikron™ technology at the InterOpto 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010 by Rebecca Rudigier

In cooperation with LxRay Co., Ltd. Pantec Medical Laser presents 3mikron, the unique diode-pumped 2-3 m laser technology. 3mikron is the new generation of high-power, high-repetitive solid-state lasers, especially suitable for treatments of biological hard and soft tissue.

Compared to traditional flash-lamp pumped systems as well as CO2 lasers, 3m.i.k.r.o.n.™ meets the needs of manufacturers and users regarding reliability, maintenance, compactness and beam quality.

Visit us at InterOpto 2010 in Yokohoma from Sep, 29 to Oct. 1 on Booth I 74 (LxRay Co., Ltd) and see our 3m.i.k.r.o.n.™ modules and get more information about our integration services.

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