Applications - industrial and medical

The right solution for any application.

3m.i.k.r.o.n.™ represents an innovative and unique technology for the medical laser industry. It is the only technology for high power diode pumped mid-IR lasers which meets the needs of manufacturers and users regarding efficiency, reliability, maintenance and compactness of a laser solution.

Thus, 3m.i.k.r.o.n.™ enables companies to develop advanced devices, targeting new applications in the field of medical and industrial engineering that weren‘t able to pursue with flash-lamp systems so far.

Also the industrial sector benefits from the innovative 3m.i.k.r.o.n.™ system due to the variety of wavelengths which can be gained through customization.

Precise treatments (cutting width <100 µm)

Controllable thermal impact by laser parameters

Cold ablation

(cut like a scalpel)

Hot ablation (coagulation)

by stacked pulses

Limited lateral thermal damage

No unwanted vibrations to patient

Short operation time

Fast healing

Combines benefits of traditional Er:YAG and CO2 lasers

Optimized for soft and hard tissue

Not sure if 3m.i.k.r.o.n.™ fits to your application? We are happy to support you in finding the best solution.